Gannet Chart Checkin/Presentation

Through some issues over the past few days with my computer I have not been able to resume working on my senior project. However, I am not behind. Currently I am supposed to be working on animating the walk cycle for my dog. I have not been able to do so because of issues with m computer and when I went and turned it in I cannot work in 302 because that program is not installed on the computers and will not let me download it. So I have been focusing my attention on other tasks that I could do seeing as I could not work on what i had planned.

I have gotten the first shot of the city done, which took me a while to get the certain effect and realism that I wanted in the clouds. As well as that even though I cannot upload it because I don’t have the program on the computer to render it, I do have some of the walk cycle done. Just not all of it.

Up to date I have done

-all pre production and layout, which includes background, car, silhouettes, sketches

-Some of the dogs walk cycle, even though I cannot upload it to show you

-Opening shot of City —>

In shot 1 you will notice that some of the clouds suddenly cut off. I did this purposely. I left space in the end of the video because I want to use a transition, so I need extra video to work with. I plan on fading it into the next shot. Along with that, I plan on using a statistic in every transitional shot in one way or another to get my message across about animal abuse.

I cannot upload all siouettes but here are some.

Vehicle Silhouettes. Note, I have not combined these with the backgrounds yet. I will be changing the colors them to make them look like different vehicles. But thats simple to change them once I start to fully animate the background.

You will see my background images in previous posts as well as my dog of what his walk cycle will look like. It also accounts for sketching him in the final stages. I do have more sketches on paper but have not scanned them in.

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