I looked up a few artists that I thought were interesting and had a fun and unique drawing style. One was James Prosek, who had an interesting drawing style, using the outlines to represent a form. These are always beautiful and dynamic despite only using the outlines. Another artist I found that was interesting was M. C. Escher.


For the story I really want to do something where it talks about the cruelty to animals. Animals are always suffering for what people do to them, even if they did not do anything to deserve it. I want the storyline or overall message to go through a puppy, going through the city, to urban urban areas, to the forest, only continuing to get more and more lost as he continues. The puppy tries to find his way home.

Color Palette/ Style:

It is going to remain black and white, and the design is going to be somewhat based off of M. C. Escher’s designs.



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