Checkup 1- Senior Studio

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A long time ago I spoke to a man I once called “Friend”. I asked him… What would happiness look like if given a physical form? I had never experienced it so I was curious to know. The answer was simple. “Glass.” His reasoning made sense. He said that even if you don’t notice it, it’s still definitely there. You merely have to change your point of view slightly. But, this also taught me that unless you are placed in that angle to see this light, it will forever be out of reach.

You can see your reflection, but with a simple touch that image will disappear and shatter in front of you. Everything you once had, everything you worked for, everything you were…. is suddenly gone. 

I learned the honest truth about the world when we spoke that day. That simple misconception that everyone tries so desperately to achieve is a delusion. That light… is a fantasy us humans have created for ourselves. It is simply an illusion cast by humanity to give our lives some sort of meaning. Although…. I can’t say I despise it entirely. Even if it’s a lie… even if it’s an illusion….I would much prefer that to the real thing.

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