Senior Seminar Project 1


Race, bias, privilege, and age are all issues that are in todays society. I represented these ideas through a number of ways which require the viewer to look even deeper than just a simple glance at the image.

One of the main things I wanted to focus on in this image was race. White there are many other representational metaphors in this work that is the main one. Regardless of whether we admit it or not, race is still a factor in today’s society. It may not be as big an issue when slavery was going on but it’s still a controversial issue that we still continue to face. Another thing I wanted to show between them was the issue of privilege. Naturally, blacks have more privilege than whites. Whites can walk down the street in the middle of the night with their hood up and not be suspected. However, if a black man did so immediately people would lock their doors, and get anxious at the thought of a black man outside their house. Whites and blacks have different amounts of privilege. Whether people admit it or not, there is bias against blacks and that’s also shown.

I did a split image of a white person and a black person. I wanted to show that there is no difference, they are both still individuals of society regardless of skin color. If you look at the image closer you will see that I purposely made the white persons skin darker representing a black man, and made the skin color of the black man white as another way to convey this message. A gun barrel divides them in the center. I chose to use a gun because gun violence and violence is another issue that can sometimes revolve around privilege. There are issues with gun control, and along with that violence against the police force. People in the police force can have bias and use that power to their ability against other races.

But looking at the image deeper there are other things to notice. On the left hand side you can see rough patches in the mans skin. I did this to accentuate even more so skin color. Nothing divides us, except the controversial issues of skin color. We are all people and individuals, and this was another way to represent that. You will notice that I used two young people for this image. I did this because if we change how the younger generation is growing up, and how they handle privilege then we can change the current issues we are facing now. I think that when looking at this picture at first glance it’s a little different to convey. There is a lot of blurriness in the photo, which is done purposely because I only wanted the person to focus on the front ground elements, the things I wanted the picture to show. Which would be bias, race, age, and privilege. A number of elements are conveyed in this piece, just in a non typical way.


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