Journal 1 Senior Studio

coca cola comercial

Log Line 1: Coca Cola refreshes, sustains, and revives. With our drink you get a mix of pure, and natural flavors.

This is one of the ideas I explored for a possible commercial. Looking at Coca Cola I decided obviously to stick with the color scheme of their company, being red, black, and white. If I decided to do a commercial on this company I would stick with a graphic design, keeping the shapes very simple, using the colors of the company to my advantage.


Log Line 2: Our mission is to provide affordable high speed internet access to all of America, including the most rural areas of the country.

Another possible commercial I decided to explore was Direct TV. Doing something for them could possibly allow me to combine two companies in one, giving me more of an opportunity to get my name out there. I would stick with the colors of their company. For this one my idea was to keep everything geometric and circular, sticking to that sort of design.


Mood Board 1

Log Line 3: Over a series of 3 commercials for numerous companies they will highlight each individual skill I have while showing a professional sense of design and execution.

For my last mood board I decided to try something different. Instead of just doing 3 commercials I was going to do 1 type of commercial each. So for the first one, the radio commercial I decided to look at a bunch of color schemes. The radio commercial I think I am going to stick to the very top one, keeping the color scheme black and neon to show off contrast. The Tv commercial I was thinking about doing one of the top two commercials above. And for the last commercial I was going to either make one up about myself or chose an infomrative commercial talking about a lot of facts or details.

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