Final Project- Literary Adaptation

This project was probably the most difficult one i had. I couldn’t think of a way that I wanted to represent William S. Burros- A Thanksgiving Prayer. My idea for this film, after going through a lot of different ones, was the show a solider walking. He’s going somewhere, he’s doing something, but you don’t know where he’s going. That’s pretty much what the whole film is. Now, It relates to a Thanksgiving Prayer in that I actually added the lyrics to it in the background, but reversed it, so you cannot tell what he is saying.

William s Burros talks about us celebrating a day that makes america so great, but america really isn’t that great, for all the reasons he speaks of. I added his exact words in there, because i wanted to convey this concept. However, it speaking backwards represents the opposite of america not being great. Meaning america is great. I wanted the soldier to be walking to somewhere, to where america is great.

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