Production 2 Final Project Scouting


My Literary adaptation for this film was by William S. Burroughs- A Thanksgiving Prayer.

My idea for the film, is to have it be about an american soldier. You see him walking around, you can see he’s going somewhere but you’re not sure where it is.  There is patriotic music in the background so you think he’s going somewhere or doing something really big or grand. As the film goes on things get more and more ridiculous, the things he has to do to get to where he’s going. For example, sword fighting a statue, running beside a wall while flashing his butt at the camera, stuff like that. the camera then shows him at the end taking a shit on the toilet with the US flag drawn on it. So he’s literally taking a dump and shitting on america.

Places: Mu Theta, Alfred state, In town on Main street, and Maybe on AU.

Props: Army Uniform (Can get that from a friend)


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