Astronomic Syzygy and script

Astronomic Sea a ge, no, syd a dy! No, No. Ya know what no. Let’s stop. It’s actually pronounced Syzygy.

Syzygy actually originates from the greek word Suzugia, which means union.

By the way, did you know, that you already know what a Syzygy is without even knowing that you know?

A syzygy, technically as explained by a proper definition, is a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system.  But hey, I’m sure you have no clue what that is. So Listen to this instead.

A syzygy, in simpler terms, is when 3 or more planets fall in a straight line. Fun fact, a very common example of a syzygy is actually a solar or lunar eclipse. You just didn’t know it. In both of these, the sun, earth, and moon fall in a straight line.

Another fun fact, a syzygy doesn’t have to be from the sun. It can be from any planet in the universe. Just last year, the “Curisoity” Rover on mars observed that the sun, Mars, and Mercury, were in Syzygy. But think even bigger!

A syzygy doesn’t have to be in our solar system, it can be bigger! Farther away! Larger!

But why do we even care about what a Syzygy is? When the moon is in Syzygy with the earth and sun, there can be noticeable gravitational effects, especially moonquakes which are triggered by the gravity of the earth and the innards of the moon. It can cause tides higher by nearly 20 %. UNBELIEVEABLE right?

Just so you know, I’m glad you know, that you already knew what a syzygy is. Glad you know!


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