Footage And Mood Board Critique


After critiquing my footage I can see that I didn’t have enough of a silhouette to show, so when my character moves as a silhouette a lot of the movement i wanted to convey wouldn’t be there. Also, I need to make my dance moves more dynamic and they need to have a stronger feel to them.

Mood Board:

My mood board was fairly accurate with the mood I was conveying. I wanted to show a sort of techno movement, that was very upbeat and hip. I did however, get ideas from my critique. I am going to have my character be a colored silhouette over black. And in that black background i am going to have a visualizer in the background that goes in tune with the music. That makes it more dynamic and adds more motion graphics to my piece.

The people that were in my group for critique was Danielle, Alex, Matt, and Kelly.

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