Self Critique

Callie McIntosh

One thing that I could improve on as an animator would be the overall quality of my animations. I am very good at time management, making sure an animation is done before the due date and making sure that they are strong enough to hand in, however I think they could be stronger, developing more of the 12 principles of animation. Something that would help me do this, would 1, simply be making better reference footage. When you use reference footage, you should exaggerate your movements, because when bringing it in to animate you are going to be using the reference footage as a reference, not animating directly off that. So that’s something I could use to improve my animations, along with that improving my reference footage.

I could improve on the different types of animation. I am used to doing 3D animations, so I could start to do 2D to gain more experience in different types. The 8-week project would be a good one to do that one because it would give me enough time to learn how to do it and I think the quality of my animations would increase greatly. I am used to working in Maya so much because of previous animation classes, so deciding to do a 2D animation would open my skills up to new opportunities and also expose myself to a new animation style.

Another thing I could improve on is my knowledge of the different tools on different programs. For example, I am not very good on Photoshop. I have always struggled with knowing how to use the tools there effectively and struggled with understanding it in general. Perhaps by doing a 2D animation I could solve this issue and learn more about how to make a 2D animation and how to use Photoshop more efficiently.

For the rest of the semester I am going to try to animate more, spending more time on the 12 principles of animation and growing my skills. A lot of my 3D animations encompass some of these principles but not enough or barely. My goal is to put more of the 12 principles in my animation to increase the quality of them, such as squash and stretch, overlap and follow through, timing, exaggeration, and appeal are just a few of them. As I mentioned above it would help by using these new programs because I have a good enough amount of time to do so. With my time management I can do this efficiently.

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