Production 2- Gallery

I attended the Gallery named “One 2 One”. It was a interactive art gallery by Joe Mckay on Febuary 25th at 6pm in the SET gallery. Joe talked about finding a place between the realm of art and games, experimenting with what was considered art and gaming. He works in-between this realm, and loves experimenting with making video games art. Instead of going to a typical gallery and staring at each piece of work and moving on, Joe wanted to make it where you could actually enjoy the artwork in front of you. You can play with this piece of art and get feelings from it at the same time.

Joe talks about interactivity, and how he can make a game more interactive but not in the typical ways. For Example, in one of his pieces, called “Triangle Game” is one of these pieces he made to play with interactivity. Joe spoke about how gamers are used to only using one mouse, so once you add two it changes the game completely. This is a new experience for the player because it is so foreign. This aspect alone changes the atmosphere and instantly as soon as you touch them the game is another new experience. When playing the game, instead of making it so you only have to collect the dots, he makes it more complex than that. The circle color that is in the middle is the color you can pick up, when there are 3 colors to chose from.

One thing I really admired in this gallery was the sense of humor that the presenter had in all of his works. When something humored him he would make a piece of work about it, not because it would make him a lot of money, but because it was something he liked and thought was funny. I liked that kind of thinking in the presenter, and aspired to do the same in my future works. When something looks appealing to me I can be creative with how I decide to make that representation. This is shown by his piece “Falling from Segways.” He decided to make this piece simply because Segways are a funny idea. The idea that this was supposed to be so revolutionary but actually made no sense at all. He thought this idea was humorous so he rotoscoped the scene and drew it.

I can apply this gallery to my DMA work in a number of ways. One way is just the thought process alone that Joe uses. He found two people who really inspired him. One was Parry Hoberman, who was one of his greatest influences. Another one was Fast Wurms. Both of these artists really inspired his works. I need to take the same concept and find someone who really inspires me to do better work and decide what kind of artist I want to be. Another more typical way I can use this for DMA is looking at some of the ways he used surrealism. He made a few interactive pieces that were surrealist. One was named “The Telegraph Piece”. This piece was 2 old cellphones connected to each-other, and you could talk to another through Morris code. Pushing the button would make the opposing phone on the other end open and close. This was a surrealist approach by talking showing that people are always talking on their cellphones. I can analyze this way of thinking even more when thinking about the surrealism footage I am currently shooting.

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