Tammy Final Project Ideas

Idea 1: Talk to an engineering student about projects that they are currently doing in engineering. See what their final projects are and if there are any interactive pieces. Such as juniors, they make a robot. I could film their process or film them as they work on it, and then edit it into a final piece to create a video which shows this in an appealing way. Have it be a montage of what engineers do. Use a girl.

Idea 2: Use the words “I am an engineer” Using numerous engineering students of different races.

Idea 3: Research projects online that have been done by engineers in the field and what has been accomplished. Take scenes from these videos, and create a montage of creative pieces that have been made and successful. They do not have to be from Alfred state, but use this idea to inspire others to want to be an engineer and create work like people do today in the field.

Idea 4: Do an interview with an engineering teacher who has experience in the field, and have them talk about their experiences when they were in the field. Not only the challenges, but also the rewards they got form working there.

Idea 5: Film an engineer working on the numerous projects that they do, but with all the tasks they have to do as an engineer. such as coding, machinery, studies, which depends on what aspect of engineering they are in.

Idea 6: Start out with a women at home, doing small tasks such as cooking breakfast for her family and so on. But keep going and include her going off to work kissing her husband on the cheek, and show her putting her hard hat on right before she gets into work.

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