Dark Matters -Gallery Showing

The gallery I attended on October 29th, titled “Dark Matters” by Yvonne Buchanan was a experimental media showing. This gallery had a number of numerous and interesting points to it, that I can easily foresee myself applying to my own work in a number of ways.

For example, one piece in this gallery consisted of a black man standing in the middle of the screen. He was doing nothing, just standing there. There would be speech bubbles above his head, but inside the speech bubble there was nothing said. Instead of words, it consisted of native american fabric that was glitches, but not enough where you couldn’t tell what it was. It took me a moment, after analyzing this piece to figure out what it meant. This piece itself is telling the viewer that these days natives are losing their own language, losing their native american traits, and culture. Times are changing and they are losing their native american language.

I can apply this to my work in DMA by taking these ideas of representation in my mind. For example, that doesn’t mean using this exact example and recreating it. This is taking these ideas of representation into my mind. If a piece in the future came up where I had to do some work with other cultures, I can take this representation in my mind. I can use the ideas and what has been seen in this gallery an modify them to my own. Taking Yvonne’s ideas and expanding on them in my own interpretation.

Another piece that was shown which caught my interest was a dancing piece. Yvonne took a scene by the Nicholas Brothers doing tap dancing. This was one of her favorite scenes of them. When looking at this process, she was interested in the information that the computer needs to translate the image. And us, as viewers, are always used to seeing images on television and recognizing them as truth. She wanted to push this idea. She wants us to question what we are thinking constantly, instead of always taking what we are seeing as truth. I can challenge this in my work in Interactive Media. For one, If I wanted to represent that same idea, I could do it in a number of ways. I could make a soundtrack and put together something that would represent this idea in Max 6. Or I could even challenge that with video recording and then glitching or editing that footage. There are a number of ways that I could represent that single idea. Along with that, there were many other concepts in this gallery, that I could use to stimulate my mind and think of new concepts.

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