Sound Map Listening Exercise

Sound Map

Sound 1- In the lefthand bottom corner, you can see a few small, but jagged looking lines that are very thin. This is represented with the sounds that I was making.  This is directly where I was sitting. Next to me, there was a constant quick, jagged sound. so i made these lines, to represent that.

Sound 2-Without even noticing it, I was also making a sound. My feet rubbed against the carpet floor as I was sitting there, making this grainy, kind of bumpy sound. So looking on the map, right by sound 1, you can see this grainy look to it, almost looking like a carpet.

Sound 3- Sound 3 is also in the lower left hand corner. This composes of a bunch of squares that are different shades of black and white. When sitting there, i could hear the echo, and that was coming from that wall right next to me. I wanted to make this representation thick, but also allow it to absorb the sound and shoot it off of other objects.

Sound 4-  This sound was constant murmuring, and chatter, which came from a ways away from me. Not hearing the words, but could hear soft voices speak, whispers. It sounded hushed and quiet. I made this the squiggles you see all in the middle different colors. Different people speaking, different tones, different voices. I made those lines look like liquid, because of all the variations and everything else I was hearing.

Sound 5 & 6- This sound was instantly the first one that came to mind, being the first one that I heard. I was directly next to this sound, so it didn’t stop, and was immediately the loudest. However, this sounds was comprised of two. This sound sounded like someone was constantly going hmmm… but not speaking it using letters and words. This noise would literally be a constant annoyance, because it never stopped. Being a powered refrigerator, when the electricity kicked it it made a second louder noise, that went on for 2 minutes or so, before it turned off for about 10, and then repeated. The second sound was magnified unlike the first. This one was a lot more noticeable. This sound was deeper, but louder. This sound is located in the upper left hand corner, that big blob of pink and grayish blue. I wanted to make this loud, and obnoxious. just like the constant chatter.

Sound 7- Being in a public place there was lots of jingling. This sound sounded like fake or cheap metal clanging against it constantly. Almost like a keychain but not exactly. This sound was very sharp, and quick. But it depends on the force used to clang it together. There was some clangs that were harder, and more firm.  I represented this sound with a lightning bolt sort of look, because it was short, and strong like lightning.These are represented by the jagged white lines you see on the image.  These were indeed farther away, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t hear them clearly.

Sound 8- The last sound was one of the harder ones to notice. It was drawn out and elongated. This sound was quiet, and very soft. But once alone in a room it was that sound that echoes off bulbs. I represented this sound with the faint, white large squares on the map overlapping over everything.

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