Interaction Review 3

My instrument- The clarinet

When playing this instrument it isn’t a natural hold. The player has to get used to how to make sound come out of it. When first grabbing the instrument it is smooth, and has a stub on the back to hold. You have to learn just how to position your fingers correctly and hold it properly. One hand should be on each side of the instrument when holding an playing it. You have to sit upright and straight to allow airflow though your body to get it to play. You have to keep your arms bent lightly, and depending on the tune an piece will determine how much work you as the user has to do to get sound. You can express yourself  through a number of ways. Depending on your mood or how your feeling, you can coney this though your notes. for example, for sadness keep your sounds long and low. If you want it to peak you put more air into it, and remove one finger near the top to get a strong screeching noise. There are numerous moods or sounds you can achieve.

This instrument is designed to do both very low and high notes. When blowing into the instrument you almost have to make a face like a frown, and keep your lips tight. It is a wind instrument, so you must put air into it to make it play. The instrument was designed to be played at an angle, not by having it sit in your lap or on the floor.

If you do not put enough air into the piece, it will greatly affect the play quality. sound can easily leak out of any finger hole on the instrument if not covered. Also, when playing it, your mouth can leak out air, causing a giant speak or scream to come from the instrument. Playing it means keeping the air tight, and measuring how much air you want to come from it. When playing it, it visually looks like the player is sitting up, sitting straight and frowning. you will be able to see when they are blowing into the instrument, as their lips will suddenly tighten, and thats when you can also hear the sound coming out. Depending on the note and how much air is moving from the instrument, will depend on the sound. For example, when every hole on the instrument is uncovered it produces a very medium tone sound, not low or high. But, when every hole on it is covered, the sound is very low and sad. with every hole covered the sound is very high. Maybe edit the mouthpiece so the instrument can be played easier without the issue of too much air leaking out would make it easier to interact with it on an amateur level.

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