48 Hour Challenge

When starting out with this video, the first few shots are establishing shots. The second establishing shot, showing the tree foreshadows that the man will be hanging himself. At approx. 1:16 the shot is showing a silhouette of him as he continues to speak and tell his story. We positioned him right in front of the sun to add a stronger silhouette to the frame. In the next few frames we show the character walking through the field. The camera moves along with the character as if they are walking beside him. We purposely have the rope slowly drop into the next scene for a more intriguing shot. In approx 1:23 while our character was walking, we had to have another person use a light board, reflecting the suns light at his face so you could see the characters face as he walked. we At approx 1:42 it shows him staring at the tree, with he tree next to him. This shot show how ancient the tree is in comparison to the character.

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