Lighting Exercise Critique

In general this was a well lit image. However, there is one giant area of darkness that I don’t think should be present in the image. You can tell from the window that it is very dark outside, which isn’t a huge thing. However, it is a little distracting in the image, and as a lighting exercise I feel that it shouldn’t be there. There isn’t much graininess, so that definitely helped the image. The lighting however, is well lit, but all areas that are lit look the same. The subject looks sort of flat, when I feel his face should be popping out more, and I think that a light on the side would of helped create more depth. His hair is very dark, and I think that should have been lit more. The shadow on his collarbone by his shirt is dark and distracting. It could have been darker, but maybe illuminating the light on the side a bit more would have helped get rid of this.

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