Gallery Writeup – Jeremy

In Sept, I went to a gallery that was related to my interactive design class. In that class, I do a lot of coding, and design/video games ideas. During class the teacher took us over to check out the new works that students had in the gallery. Intrigued by this, I went over to the gallery again later in the day to further explore it. Upon going back a second time, I felt like I was able to delve deeper into it and further test myself to see what I could find.

Specifically, there were video games that were created by students, being an interactive class, I decided that this point was rather interesting. It peaked my interest. After playing the games I noticed little aspects of it. For example, one interesting thing, was that in order to make the characters run, fall, or attack, they would have to set up the animation for it. Because there was no presentation on this, this was totally up to the student to explore and make their own points on it.

I was shown a lot of the process, and when viewing this gallery I was really able to make up how much work goes into this. It kind of made me realize how much work goes into making a video game. You have to code, picture, and design the entire thing, and there’s a lot more work that goes into it then people realize.

This can be related to my major, because currently we are taking interactive Media, which focuses on the person’s ability to interact with what they are working with or viewing. This entire gallery focused a lot of that, being that two of the works were video games. This was interesting to me, because it gave me new ideas, along with a visual perspective. There were charts, and pictures around, showing some of the process of animation, along with the scenery and building of that.

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