Beta Test Responce- Assignment 1

When watching people interact with my game I noticed a number of thing’s that needed to be improved, as did I watching and playing other games. Doing both these things allowed me to think more about my game and how I could improve on it. When watching the first person play, this was the first response I had gotten from it. I paid attention to their facial expressions as they played as well as watching the screen and how they interacted with it.

The first person I watched had easily figured out what door to go through. After he completed the game he told me he was easily able to figure out what door to go though by looking at it, because there were some that were off the walls and those ones you weren’t able to go thorough. So when fixing my game I will edit this feature and make sure all the doors look the same so the viewer can’t decipher what door to go through. As far as navigation went in my game, the controls were easy to maneuver, and the speed at which my character traveled was good. The character is in a wheelchair so it can’t be too fast, and needs to feel like it is rolling. That aspect of my game was good and my player noted that as well.

There were no ways to break my game. After playing it everything worked fine but I am going to spend some time going through the controls and working on it. One critique I found was rather useful was the viewer didn’t know the storyline. So to help with that I am going to make some hospital equipment and add that to the halls. Also, the feeling I was going for was supposed to be dark and eerie, and with the lights in the halls that was conveyed, but the environment they were in was not. I felt more like an abandoned hallway, not in any building in particular. So to change this adding hospital equipment would show the actual building the character is in and better convey the story. The final hall was light and bright, showing their trip to heaven. This was conveyed as they went through the last hall. However, I am going to add a few more pictures in the hall because it needs to have a more powerful feel to it.

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