In Camera Editing Exercise Storyboard

My story will take place In Terra Cotta on Main street in Alfred. With their permission I will do the story there. My story will start off with a zoom in on the setting which establishes a place. It will take place mid day time so with the second shot this will also help establish this. It will show a young man sitting there happily drinking coffee, but you can see that there is a second cup there meaning there is someone else probably meeting him as well. It then shows the girl walk in and sit down across from him. There will be no dialogue, but there will be extra movements and their mouths moving showing that they are speaking, but it is up the viewer to interpret their words.

It will then show the girl try to pick up the coffee cup but she is struggling as her hands are shaking and she reaches out to grab her hand to stop the shaking. Her sad expression is then shown, along with the young mans who shows concern. He then reaches down to help her pick up the coffee cup and helps her wrap her fingers around it. She then smiles and lifts it to her lips and takes a sip. Once she takes a sip she looks at him and then smiles, mouthing the words thank you. This is where the story will close. The idea is that she has Parkinson’s and Is slowly losing control of her body.


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