Gallery- 3/ Stratus Translucidus- Jeremy

The gallery I attended was Shown on September 3rd, 2015 in SET, the exhibit in the Gallery room on the third floor. It was called 3/ Stratus Translucidus. This Gallery was an interactive piece. When you moved the mouse you controlled the gallery. The lights that were shown would move, previewing what was on the screen. It was a beautiful piece altogether, and really allowed the interactant to relax and be in another realm really.

This Gallery has contributed to my work in Interactive Media in a number of ways. I can think about the way light movies throughout the room, and all the different colors that I had seen when in the gallery, and when interacting with it. This gallery was solely an interactive piece, and seeing this should make me think more deeply about the games I develop. How can I make it just as interactive as the gallery I visited or even more so? Take these ideas from this interactive piece, and think about it more in detail, which will help me in my process of being a game creator.

Stratus Translucidus has also helped me long term in the field. First of all, I can use this interactive idea to inspire my future work. Going to this gallery and hearing the speaker talk about his work can make an animator, or a creator think about other possibilities. How could I represent his same idea in another way? Or how could I take his idea and improve upon it? I must always be thinking about how to improve my work. A lot of being a creator is to take other’s idea’s and improve on that making myself better in the process while creating new and unique pieces. I can use these idea’s and creations to inspire my future work as I myself grow and develop as I continue my skills. I can take this knowledge and these exhibitions that I see for long term, and keep these idea’s in my head for when they may come in handy.

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