Interaction Review 1

Game 1: Mario Kart

When interacting with this game, I found myself to get enjoyment out of it. My gaze was foreword, and I was strictly concentrating on the game as I moved my characters. I noticed that If I got hit with another opponents item, I would physically flinch a bit if not expecting it, or I would curse or squeeze my remote a bit tighter as it took time for my character for return to full speed. These motions kind of create a tenseness, or a very competitive form. If I got hit with an item, my response to that was usually immediate. When looking out for this physical response I usually was not able to stop myself from doing these. When getting in front of an opponent and making them fall behind I was rewarded with a win, or the satisfaction of getting them back for hitting me.

Game 2: Zelda Skyward Sword

This game was more frustrating then anything. My body language always has to be very exaggerated in order to move my character correctly being that it is on the wii. When swinging my sword I physically have to swing my hand, however, this often results in my character not swinging it the way I want them to, or them not hitting their target because the game sensors are off. My interactions were somewhat agitated, and the longer it takes to swing the sword correctly the more agitated my reactions are. I sometimes curse or murmur things at the remote. I usually will have to twist my torso also while I swing in order to make the movements work correctly in the game, resulting in physical discomfort. This makes the player more agitated and less likely to play the game again. The timing with this is usually a little longer, and not as often as with a game I enjoy. They are different reactions, but these physical reactions are more likely that when I do them, the more quickly I will get agitated. The most frustrating part about this experience is that I am wasting energy and having to move too much of my body, for a result with my character that usually works only 50% of the time.


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