Frame critique

Symmetrically Balanced-This picture was not symmetrically balanced. In the left hand edge, there is a wire box on one side, and the other there is nothing. This picture is more like a asymmetrical picture. Also at the very end of the hallway you can see the picture curve out. A symmetrically balanced picture would have each side the same with hardly any differences. This picture has repetition which was mistaken for symmetry.

Asymmetrically Balanced- This is an asymmetrical image, however there are other competing elements and the image would be stronger without it.

Close up- This is a close up. However, the handicapped sign in the background interferes with the image and should be left out. The image is also a little blurry. There is the appropriate headroom making it a good close up.

Long Shot-This feels more like a medium long shot. A long shot image should be farther out, and the person standing should be more in the background. the images also has a lot of lights which are distracting and serve no purpose to the final image.

Balanced with weight of gaze- You can indeed tell that the character is staring at something, however, you cannot see much of his gaze because the lightning is too strong. Lit in a different atmosphere, I think the image would be more powerful.

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