Dumb Thing- Gallery

I attended the “Dumb Thing” exhibition on the Tuner Gallery Main Floor on March 4th, 2015. This gallery featured works from Olivia Juarez, Ella Medicus, and Olivia Ramos. This Gallery showed a lot of works, which were inspired by the human body. However, there were works there that had other hidden meanings or inspirations.

gall6 One piece of work by Ella Medicus named “Fear of Becoming an Asteroid” stuck in my mind. This was the first piece I saw when I walked into the gallery, and this is one that has stuck with me. The first thing I thought of was the human brain. To me this piece represents the neurons, and all the decisions that can be made in a split second. The brain controls everything in the body, making all the decisions, so I found it fitting that this was the first one that I saw. Looking into it you can see all the curves, and movement of each small piece of the work. Then traveling up and looking at it more I noticed there was a stick coming out of it, and that reminded me of the brain stem. This was going off the brain and to another part, which to me represented the rest of the gallery and what was deeper inside. Kind of like looking farther into the body and the more you look the more you notice.

gall7Another work that I found interesting was made by Olivia Ramos named “My Soul is Made of Tiny Robots-It’s Like Breathing Only it Isn’t.” This piece really spoke to me the most out of the entire gallery. When looking at it, I felt that this one was the one that came to life most. Not because it was moving, but because I felt like there was more thought put into this one. This piece was made to represent the lungs and the ribcage. The plastic bag made to represent the lungs moved in and out, as if a real person were taking a breath of air. This was done from a red fan, made to represent the heart, which would turn on and off to make the air flow follow the human breathing pattern. This piece was also the most interesting in form and content. The ribs around the bag held it in place, and was meant to show the human ribcage.

The content of the gallery can be used for Digital Media and Animation in a number of ways. One is that a lot of this gallery had to do with the human body. In first year courses a lot of our studies were about the human body. Before you can animate the body, an animator needs to first know how it works, with all the joints, and movements. This gallery shows you to do that, and reminds you of that aspect of the human body, but in another way. This gallery also shows that there are many ways of interpreting something, by using your brain and thinking of ideas it is possible.

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