Demo Reel

During this semester of Computer Animation III I think I learned a lot of new information I never thought I had learned before. For one I learned how to animate using Maya. At first I was nervous to start animating but It was a lot of fun, but still hard work. I learned how to use Maya to animate, and how to use the program accurately. Along with moving the controllers, and learning how to use the rigs that were given to me, I learned much more about myself as an individual and what I could accomplish.

Some things that were challenging to me during this semester was getting the timing right on my character. I wanted to make my character look exaggerated and be able to make him do what I wanted him to do. There were a lot of issues with that. Then I also had to learn how to use the graph editor, which I am still struggling with. Bit by bit I am learning how to use it though. Some more hiccups I had was learning how to make Norman move properly. There were a lot of times when I couldn’t get his limbs to move the way I wanted. They would often jump or skip a lot. Sometimes I would get Maya making my limbs do 360 degrees on accident. It was challenging using the program but it was worth the work towards my animation career.

I want to improve on my animating overall. I think that in a lot of my projects there was a lot more animating that I could work on. I could put more time into my work, and I think that it would help my animation a lot more.  I want to add a lot more little movements to my character so they come to life more. I think that would help my animation overall and in the future I am going to try and do more of that.

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