Pace Critique Joseph DiCaro

To me, My walk cycle during this pace is a lot better then previously. I have had more experience animating by now and can do it better. However, you can see flaws in mine. Joe’s animation is a lot smoother then mine, and more constant throughout. In mine I had a lot of bouncing up and down in the walk, probably too much. Joe’s looks to be a lot smoother and more natural then mine. You can tell what actions my character is doing but it needs to be smoother and more natural.

There needs to be more lead up in some of Joe’s actions. I think a few more seconds of pause would help the animation more, and I need to learn from this. There is really no pause in mine, and you can’t really see what my character is doing until you watch it a few times. There needs to be more time for Norman to notice the attractive person, and recognize them, then he can follow up with the action.

Joe also needs more movement with the back that shows he is pulling. You can tell that he is pulling, but just a bit more exaggeration would help more it along more.

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