Sit to Stand

This project was challening to me. I had problems with IK and FK. Along with not knowing how to use it, It was also difficult to switch back from IK to FK. I was probably just doing it wrong, or was missing one key element, but the way I was doing it sucked. It was hard to match it up, and in my opinion up until when it switched into IK it looked good. The animation was smooth. I do notice that the arms are a little bit jumpy but was unsure of how to fix that. overall though I completed the task, but would like to do better next time.

Critique Notes:

There were a lot of things i could fix in my animation. one thing is they eyes, while he’s in the process of standing up norman’s eyes are white, but i had trouble fixing that because i couldn’t find the controller for the eyes.i think it was hidden. my hands are also twitching. as soon as norman stands up and his hands leave his legs, thats when i switched back from IK to FK. I had trouble getting the switch right and as a result there were areas that norman’s hands were moving too fast and parts looked like he was bouncing. there should also be a little more movement in the spine so norman doesn’t look to be so stiff. another problem is that when norman stands up his knees are perfectly straight. they should be lowered some and that would help with some of the stiffness.

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