Walking Cycle Critique Sara Recktenwald


I compared my Walk Cycle to Sara’s, and In my opinion overall her’s is better then mine. Norman has good movement in his shoulders, and not too much head bob. I know in class it was determined that her head was moving a bit odd but I thought it fit the movement and in my opinion it was good. Her wrists should also be angling toward the body a bit more when she walks. Unlike her, my person had his arms out too far from his body, and didn’t look like he could comfortably walk with his arms outstretched like they were.

Sara’s legs also tend to straighten out while in the middle of the walk, it’s popping, which could be a issue from how high up the torso is, or she may need to move the knee slightly so it doesn’t pop. The arms also could be bent towards the body a bit more on the upswing, to give him more of a confident walk.

My foot tends to snap to the ground when Norman walks, I need more heel oration in there, and Sara did a good job of that on hers. So I can look at hers for example of how to do it correct.

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