Walk Cycle

There were a lot of problems for me while doing this project, but I also learned a lot, and it will defenitly help me out in the future. As an animator, you need to be able to make someone walk. I know I could have done better, and next time I make someone walk it will be a lot easier to do, and will be a better project overall.

The first time i made my character walk he had way too much swag for his own good, and I ended up restarting the walking. With some help and guidance from others, I managed to get the legs to move. The rotation of the body was easy enough for me, it was just a matter of figuring out how much rotation I wanted. The arms took me a few tries, but soon I got them the way I wanted them to be. I think the easiest part for me was to animate the movement on the hands. I thought that was fun, and looking at the overall project was nice to see.

I learned a lot while working on this. One thing I learned was obviously how to make someone walk, and I got better at using the keys and animating, and gained a lot of experience and time doing so. The work I did payed off, and using the program helps me become a better animatior.

Critique Notes:
There are a few issue’s with Norman, first off the arm rotation is a little off. And his arms need to be closer to his body, and not be so far out when he walks. If you actually try that in person it feels odd, so I need to fix that.
Also, the knee’s aren’t facing in the right direction, he needs to be swing his knee’s a tad more on his steps. I need more movement in the chest. He looks very stiff when he walks so more rotation there would help him look a lot more lifelike.
And the last problem I noticed is that his feet stick to the ground. It pretty much snaps. To fix that I would have to go in and add some toe roll and ball roll to him.

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