Bouncing Ball Critique Ian Potash

I compared Ian’s bouncing balls to mine. All of his bouncing balls are only minor and there is only one or two mistakes in each ball, and other then that it is pretty good. Ball 1 is fairly on, but for the last few bounces it bounces harder then the beginning, which is should be the opposite. The bounces should be harder in the beginning and then mellow out.
Ball 2 goes backwards on the first few bounces but other then that it is spot on. Ball 3 pauses when it first lands, and it needs slightly more squash on it.

Unlike mine, Ian’s is a lot more together and has less mistakes. My balls have a few problems in each, but ball 3 is the best, probably because it’s the last ball I did, and had pretty much gotton down everything and learned how to animate a bouncing ball properly.

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