3 Bouncing Balls

There were some things that I can definitely fix in my animations. For one, I shouldn’t have the ball be rotating at the very end but not during the entire video. So when I go back I am going to definitely fix that. In Ball one at the beginning the balls falls in more diagonally, instead of just dropping in, and also later on in the video I am missing a few more squashes that are clearly present in the beginning, so to fix that I am going to go in and add more squash and stretch.

In Ball 2 The ball goes a little farther then the reference video in the end, so to fix that it’s an easy shortening of it, and once more, fix the rotation on it. Also in the middle of the video there is a small spot where it’s looped, and kinda goes in a circle before coming back and bouncing up, so to fix that I just need to fix the key frames.

Ball 3 in my opinion and the classes was my best one, and the last one I did so I do think it was the best out of all of them because I was more comfortable with what I was doing and it’s the closest animated to the reference footage. The thing to probably fix on this one is that after the first bounce, it breaks a little and goes back.

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