Post critique write-up Comic

The comic I made was unsuccessful. But that gives me an opportunity to learn from It and fix my mistakes. For example, one thing I could have done was actually make the comic based off a particular culture. That was the point of the project and I missed it, to explore new things and not stay inside your comfort zone. But this was a lesson learned for next time. In a situation like this I will be sure to follow the precise directions so I may do what was asked of me.

One thing I also should have done in the comic was add gutters to the edges. It separates the panels much better and also provides a sense of time to it, along with that It makes your comic look neater and more realistic. Another thing I could have done was do more research on my culture, and actually make the comic in their style of work, but this comes back to what I said in the first paragraph about using my culture in my work.

I think that one thing that I did well was with my font. Everything was properly spaced, and neat. All of the font I chose didn’t go out of the speech bubble and was proper. Another thing I think I did well was showing my story progression. I kept everything simple and to the point, and the reader of the comic could follow what was going on.

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