Gallery Writeup

Larry’s Gallery

The gallery I chose was the water gallery. It was interesting going to. They had tanks set up with water inside of them. If you turned one way you could see the water, and another way it would reflect off of that or you couldn’t see it at all. It was an interesting gallery to go to and it kind of messed with your mind a little. You could see the reflections of the water against the background, and the glass.

I like going to these kinds of gallery’s. They almost feel like a mind game to me, which is why I kind of like them, although its not a game, it is explained and is totally natural. Things like these fascinate me and I tend to want to learn more about them. These kinds of things are interesting to any human being, and it makes the brain wonder.

I can relate this to my future in digital media and animation by using this in any of my animations. If there is water in it, which there might as well could be, such as a lake, stream, or any major body of water, I could animate that better and have a better knowledge of the natural phenomenon’s it causes. Even though it may not disappear, you would have better knowledge about it and its important to understand something before you go and animate it.

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