Design by nature talks about Nature’s abundance, and how is has no limits. It’s continually changing and moving. I tried to show that in my sculpture, by showing the rounded edges, and the curves in it. There is a small little gash in it, on the right hand side. I wanted to show this to show the representation of rivers, making that loo like I river, because rivers and always changing, and they are never the same. You see other grooves in it representing roads and holes, representing scarring on the earth, however, the earth over many periods of years always manages to repair itself. This is nature.

Another thing Deign by Nature talks about in chapter 3 is movement. Movement is what creates interaction, and interaction creates change. You can see in my sculpture there is a lot of movement in it. There are different lines and angles, which I made to show movement in nature and life. All of your designs should be balanced, because balance is an important aspect to anyone’s piece of work. Nature is balanced. So by applying balance to your work you can better show nature in your work, and produce something great.



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