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I decided to do a comic called Life From Moon and the Stars. I did this comic because it seemed interesting to me. I purposely made the woman in the comic, Morningstar, extra yellow. In her original design she was an actual star, but I felt that it didn’t look right with the moon so I also changed her to a circle. But I decided that to get the color in of a star I would make her skin completely yellow but leave moon white because that’s the color of the moon. I also wanted the comic to have a hint of humor in it, so I made the characters lines match the story, but also added a bit of comical effect.

According to page 42 of Understanding Comics, as long as the thing you’re trying to portray has the main lines, you can tell what it is. For example, with a face if you have a circle and put 3 dots and a line in it, you automatically identify it with a face. I used the same principle when developing my characters. They are not the typical characters. The head and body is highly exaggerated. I exaggerated the eyes greatly, and still made my characters have eyes, noes, and a mouth. So the brain automatically identifies this with a person or character of some sort. My character is highly simplified. It’s not complex at all. I have a lot of panel to panel transitions n my comic, which is pretty much entirely what it is. In chapter 4 of Understanding Comics, he speaks about time. I had a time skip in my comic. It skipped to late at night in one panel to the next. Going along with page 110 in Understanding Comics, I used motion in my panels. Doing this, I added lines around the parts of the body that I wanted to appear as If they were moving. But I did so with very few lines.

I improved a lot overall during this class and throughout the entire year, and doing this project. I have seen a lot of areas of improvement, in my drawing, seeing, and thinking. I can better draw characters and know more about what I am doing and seeing when I draw, because of all the experiences I’ve had in this class. I can draw objects more accurately given the techniques that I have been teaching. In this comic it has helped me with character development, and with comics also. By reading Understanding Comics it helped me learn more about what comics are and different techniques to make my comics better.

This is going to help me in my future of Digital Media and Animation because of my drawing and understanding. I can see thing’s and draw them much better now. I can make characters, for something if I go into character design. I also have an understanding of storylines better then I did before I attended this class, thanks to all the work I have done all year.

Ulli Beier, 1966, The Origin of Life and DeathÐAfrican Creation Myths: London, Heinemann Educational Books Ltd., 65 p. (GR355.B4)

McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics, HarperCollins Publishers Inc., pg. 9.





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