Comic pre-writeup


In panel 1 I wanted to start out introducing moon’s sadness. So I had him crying. I had him directly face the reader to show him more sad. Then I had Morningstar directly next to him having a happy appearance, and holding fire with her. This panel combined shows the reader the sadness that moon is going through, and then shows in the second panel after that moon’s cheery attitude after meeting Morningstar, and his attraction towards her. I used the third panel, to show setting, and to show that in the next panel they would be inside the hut. So in the fourth panel you see them inside the hut, with Morningstar sleeping. I purposely zoomed out, showing more of the hut rather then the characters, I wanted to show how empty the hut was, and their positioning with one another. Morningstar put the fire in the middle, between them both. But to also show that thing’s were happening in this pane between the two characters, I had Morningstar sleeping, and had moon staring at her unable to get to sleep. To show that the couple had sex, I focused mainly on both characters in the next slide. In this panel Morningstar is confused, and she gave birth to plants and life. This is to show the reader that instead of drawing the scene out, I had it skip a scene, to make the reader know what happened by using words to help get this message along. In this panel you can see all the plants, and life around. In the previous 4 panels there wasn’t much around. There was no plant life. Just bare land. In the 5th panel I made both characters facing each other, to show that they were speaking to each other. Yet Morningstar is supposed to have a confused look on her face and look like she’s looking at the viewer. I used bold lines, as shown in panel 3, to show thickness and depth with the hut. By showing motion, In panel 1 I used lines around the arms and legs, which showed movement, and waving. Along with this, I used different expressions on the characters, to give the comic more life.

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