Post Critique for Skeleton

People overall thought my skeleton work was impressive. I gave my opinion of the work and what I would like to change, being the area around the hips. I think I should have made it lighter so you could see the bones around that area much better. Another thing I would like to fix is the area around the mouth. Nobody commented on that or noticed it but it was a little thing that I notice. I tried adding the lips that were on the original to make it look like the skin was over it. If I was to re-do that I wouldn’t add the lips and I would have left the teeth as they were.

To me I really liked the cat. The shading on the cat made me happy and proud of my work, along with the area on the bench. I used the texture that was on the paper and shaded the charcoal over it light enough so you could see that texture, and use it for the texture on the bench.

Al lot of people tried to mimic the medium that the artist used, which mine was done in graphite, but my representation of it was charcoal. I think that people shouldn’t try to reproduce the original image just like the artist, they should use a different medium and use their own representation of it. Because that’s what art it to me. You look at a piece of work, take ideas, and improve it in your own way. This helps you improve yourself as an artist and opens you to new things. However, a lot of he works that people tried to re-create using the same medium did look impressive. So there was nothing wrong with doing that. It is just my opinion.

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