Skeleton Final



The original image came from one of Frank Frazetta’s drawings. It is not an official drawing, it’s one of his sketches.

One challenge of doing this project was the use of charcoal. Charcoal was more difficult to use then I imagined it to be, because I had to make the bones white, but they couldn’t look like they were popping out of the skin. They needed to look like they were under the skin but also not be too dark, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see them, which was the point of the project. I also had to have her clothes go over the bones, which was another part that was difficult for me with charcoal. Once you darken it its’ hard to make it lighter again, because if you erase it then next time you use charcoal on that particular spot it goes on the paper differently. This tended to be a challenge to me, with getting all the shades down, but that’s what charcoal is.

We used extreme light and dark basing it off a very popular artist. This is present in my project. There is lots of contrast with dark and light in my work. The bones being completely white, and the skin being dark around the bones.

This greatly benefitted me in Digital Media Animation. For one I got to draw the human body, along with the skeleton inside. That gives me a better sense of the human form, and not only that, but I drew the cat alongside, letting me draw an animal also. Working with charcoal also allowed me to expand my work with it, doing something I have never done before and working with the medium in a different way. When I go to animate people in the future I will understand the forms on animals and people better. My knowledge of bones is much more then it was before this project and I believe that it has greatly benefitted me.

Some things that I could have done to improve my piece of work would be to make the area around the hips lighter. Another thing I think that would have helped me was the skull with the mouth. I put the lips that were on the original image over the teeth but by putting that there it just made it look like there was a hole in the teeth with a gap. If I would have done that over then I would have left the lips out. Two things I think I did great on was doing the cat with the shading, and also the bench using the texture on the paper to give texture to the bench, making it look like wood.

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