Tokyo Lecture

The Mergence of Modernization and Tradition at the Tokyo Studio was where students went to Tokyo and observed the landscape and structures. Being inspired by the city of Tokyo, the students took photographs and made their own representation of the beauty of Tokyo. It was a beautiful cite to see, because unlike America, Tokyo has flowers and gardens around every corner. It is beautiful, and shows that Tokyo appreciates the life around it. Even some of the trees had been specially sculpted to look like giant bonsais.

Tokyo has always been a fascination for myself. As a child the animation was always a huge source of interest for me. Not only with the design, storyline, and different styles of making the character and story, but I always loved the city where they were created. Learning about Japan’s customs and traditions always intrigues me, and this lecture has made me even more curious. For instance, I did not know that there were flowers and gardens around the sidewalks. To me that is a beautiful thing, because it differs so much from here in America.  People don’t bother doing thing’s like that, because here people wouldn’t take the time or effort into maintaining something like that, or even doing it in the first place. That is one of the thing’s I like about Tokyo.

Just like the students did, one day I plan on going to Tokyo. I feel that going there, while trying to be an animator I could learn a lot more then just seeing pictures. I think to go there and experience Tokyo first hand would have a long lasting impact on not only my life, but my animating career also. Learning new styles of animation, new techniques, is very intriguing to myself. Tokyo is a very busy place, and always has thing’s to look at everywhere around you. Thing’s are happening all around you, everywhere you look, and as an animator it is important to take a moment and look around you taking this information in.

These students, who are learning to become animators benefitted from this trip greatly. Taking pictures of the city, they used both computer generated imagery and traditional painting techniques to help play the part of creating their view of Tokyo’s beauty. Doing things like this increases your imagination, giving you more idea’s, and opens you up to new thing’s, which is good for being in the animating career. You become more open and creative to the things around you and want to learn more, but you also learn new techniques and ways of creating your work.

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