While creating this flip book I was faced with a few challenges.  One thing that was difficult for me was to keep everything constant throughout it. I knew it was going to be difficult for me to do this, so I used a light box. I had made a flip book once before for a previous class and I learned what to do next time. So this time I used a light box to help me keep thing’s more constant. First I drew the character on one index card, and using a light box, drew the same character again but using the previous one as I reference. I put it on top of the previous one, and traced it, only making it move slightly.  This helped create the illusion of movement on paper.

This is going to help me with my future in animation because I am making characters move. I will probably be animating when i’m earlier, so this will give me practice and make me more experienced with this. It’s important to get a head start into movement so I can get a better understanding of what to do. Getting the foundations of drawing down are important.

Also drawing the character over and over helps me learn how to draw the character giving me practice, helping me gain more experience drawing it.

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