Character running



So far creating the flipbook I have come up with numerous tasks with making it. It is a lot harder then I thought it would be. It’s hard keeping the figure to look like the previous drawing, and to still make it look like it’s moving. I decided to draw the character on one index card, and using a light box, draw the same character again but using the previous one as I reference. I put it on top of the previous one, and traced it, only making it move slightly. Doing this to numerous cards when you put them together it makes them look like they’re moving.

This is going to help me in the field in the fact that I am making my character move. When I get into the field I am going to be making characters do motion, and It’s important to get a head start and start thinking about how I am going to do that. I need to get the foundations of it down first and go from there.


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