Skeleton Drapery Finished







This project presented a series of challenges to me. During my last major shading project, I worked on the chair. I hated the way I shaded on and I took it as a lesson learned and decided to take another approach. I didn’t mix all the areas together like I did with the stripes on the chair. Instead I tried to leave some spots completely white and work with a wide range of shades. In my opinion this worked out much better and in the end it looks much more realistic. To me, the skeleton arm looks real, with a minimum of light shading, but just enough darkness to the edges to give it presence on the paper. With that I made the drapes darker, adding a wider variety of shades to them to give them more of a popping effect. It doesn’t have a dreamt effect like the chair and instead has more of a firm grip on the paper.

Another challenge for me was to keep my shading constant throughout the whole piece. I have different techniques of shading, so everyday when I come in it’s going to look a little different then the last day, so it was a little harder for me to keep it constant throughout the project, but in the end found myself successful in doing so. I looked back at the previous day’s work and focused on making my shading look more and more like that, and by using that I found It easier to keep myself on track and make it look the same. But at first it was a little bit of a struggle.

One way this project is going to help me in the future is by improving how I see different area’s of light. When I become an animator I am going to need to be able to see different light tones, and be able to make them into an animation. Of course there are going to be area’s that are darker then others, so it is important for me to be able to see this. There are always area’s of extreme light and dark, and as an animator it’s very important to be able to recognize this so I can make my animations the best they can be. Also seeing the light tone’s on a skeleton helps me recognize, and get a somewhat good idea on how the light is going to hit the body form.

When looking at this piece you can clearly differentiate the area’s of light and dark, and can clearly see the contrast between each tone. Each area has light and dark. When I look at my future projects and I can clearly see how much better I’m getting at my drawing skills and seeing. I am also seeing how this is helping me become a better animator and more successful.

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