Journal Entry Week 7

boneshade1 boneshade  drapery

figure1 figure2 figure3 figure4 figure5

Throughout this class I can see how much I’ve grown in improvement.  For one I notice that my drawing skills have increased. I now can draw thing’s in proportion more so then before this class. I also learned many new techniques to do this. I’ve decided that I’ve wanted to become better with my drawing skills, from observation. I want to be able to look at something and be able to draw the proportions correctly. I want my drawing’s to be so realistic that people will reach down to grab them. I also want to be able to make mind-boggling animations that when people watch them they will get emotional and feel sorrow or joy for the character or storyline. Being an artist to me means to be able to represent yourself in your drawing’s and be able to put your emotions into your work. Art is all about representation to me, and there is no right or wrong way to do something. It’s all about how you want to represent yourself in your work. To me, you should make your work unique so when people look at it they instantly recognize that it was by you.

Before I started this class one of the main thing’s I wanted to improve on was my drawing skills. I wanted to be able to draw faster and easier, but have my object still represent the object before me. Doing the drawing exercises given to us by Connie on a daily basis I feel that I have improved significantly in my skills. I have gained much more practice then being on my own. Outside of class too, with all the projects we’ve gotten it’s helped me even more. But sometimes I did feel pressured which made me rush my work at times, making me even more disappointed in myself that I couldn’t do better. The deadlines often approached fast making it difficult to do my best at my work. Sometimes the end result would come out and I could tell that I had to rush my work while other’s didn’t notice.

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