Character Development 2


character2 character3 character4 character1

While working on this project I learned a number of useful things. I learned to process of making my own character and got to experience it for myself. I experienced the process for myself, so now, when I get into character design I am going to have a better idea of how to construct my characters. And I’m going to have a better idea of how long it is going to take me and hopefully more ideas will flow easier.

Not only did I have to come up with a storyline for the character, but I also had to come up with the clothes, form, and face along with doing numerous drawing’s for the character design. I had to make up the facial expressions, and be sure to draw my character from all angles so I know what it looks like. When I model my character on Maya I’m going to have to do the same, and have to know exactly what each angle looks like to be able to model my character the way I envision it.

While doing this project I learned the human proportions, which will help me out significantly in the future as far as character drawing goes, because I have a better understanding out the skeleton and muscles of the body now. it will also help me on my own drawing, outside of class. I can draw forms a lot easier now thanks to this lesson and the drawing’s of the bone’s, along with the exercises.

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