Character Development

  My girl is named Yuki Kaneko. She goes to Gryphon Academy. It is a private school for the more fortunate. However, Yuki is lucky to go there, she was born into poverty, but was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to this school, allowing her to go here. Yuki is a very shy girl who likes to keep to herself. She has trouble socializing and because of this she is often bullied and everyone tends to take advantage of her, from stealing her lunch money, making her do their homework, and occasionally beating her up when she tries to stick up for herself. One day she was bullied and she ran off running into forest. There, she finds a tree and she is crying so hard that she runs into it. Yuki falls to the ground and a giant symbol on the tree starts to glow. A bunch of red mist comes out of the tree and surrounds her body. The red mist then goes into her wrist and puts the mark on her body. Yuki shrugs it off thinking it’s nothing and returns to school the next day. Then she is bullied once again and the bully grabs her wrist. A black force field comes out from around her destroying the room in the school. She looks around shocked and runs away not knowing what to do. She returns nervous the next day and see’s that everyone there lost their memory of what happened.

Power: When she is touched when threatened her body emits a black force field from around her which surrounds the people who are threatening her, does damage to them significantly, and erases everyone’s memory that gets caught in the force field.character


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