Journal 3

Sticky notes:

stick 1 stick 2 stick 3 stick 4 stick 5 stick 6 stick 7 stick 8 stick 9 stick 10

Human Forms:

bones 6 bones 5 bones 4

Bone Study:

bones 2  bones 1  bones 3

Ideas Of Beuty:

big feet- signs of strength sand productivity, in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania

small feet- U.S. Brazil, India

Long Necks and stretched lips are also popular.

Far East Japan-nightingale droppings are made into powder, mixed with soap, and used as face wash. They are supposed to make the wearer look younger.

Kayan Tribe- They fancy the long necks, and wear brass rings around their necks. As they grow older they increase the number of rings. You’re neck is getting longer, the shoulder’s are being pushed downs the person grows.

Ethopia- Women of the Kairo Tribe wear scars on their stomachs to attract a husband.

Maunitania-Being skinny is not beautiful. They love the heavier women. A beautiful woman is one with more curves. A big and heavy lady is more likely to get a husband. They are more desirable because it shows that they are well fed, and nourished.

Polynesian women are pretty if there are tattoos on their lips and on their chins.

“8 Different Ideas of Beauty Around the World…” All Women Stalk. N.p.,n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2014.

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