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While making this animation I thought of the kind of emotion and person I wanted to convey while still representing myself in the process. I love japanese animation, so I took some of those qualities and put them I’m my Caricature the wild hair and the big eyes, along with the vein on the forehead are inspired from different anime’s.

One movie I thought of specifically while watching this was Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Spirited Away.” In one scene a character named Yubaba is furious. While watching this, I took her hair style in the scene and mixed it with my own, trying to make my character look angry and intimidating. They eyes were inspired from an anime called “Naruto.” One of the characters is always mad so I thought about how she was drawn and applied that to my work.

Even though I used idea’s from other people to help me work, I still made sure to convey myself through this caricature. I added the blonde and brown in my hair to identify that it was me, and I tried to show myself as how I look through other people’s eyes when i’m angry.

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