Journal Entry Week 1:

bc drawing 3 bc drawing 4 bc drawing 5 bc drawing 6 bc drawing 7 bc drawing 8 bc drawing bc drawing 2 bc drawing 9 wire

Here is the 10 contour drawings along with the wire form made from a contour drawing.

 st 4  st 3  st 2st 1  st 8  st 7st 6st 5st 10

st 9

I did 10 contour drawing’s on sticky notes to loosen my mind up, and to stop me from paying attention to every little detail. I used a different person for each one, and I feel that this greatly helped me.

ch 4  face 1 body measurements  ch 3ch 2  ch 1 

above are my measurements of my body along with the 4 tutorials I used to draw the face proportions correctly. The tutorial that I found to be most helpful to me was the third one that I looked at. Along with these two thing’s above are the caricatures.  i experimented with different kinds of emotions in each one, and I found that one of my biggest exaggerations on my character was the hair and lips.

fp 5 fp 4 fp 3 fp 2 fp 1 thumbnail

Here are the drawing’s done with the facial measurements measuring the proportions of the face along with the picture they were done from.

shoe 4

shoe 3 shoe 1shoe 2

These are my 1/2 hour sketches that I did each day. The object I chose for this week was a  high heeled shoe.

skull 3 skull 2 skull 1

When drawing figures I would say that I feel comfortable drawing the eyes. I have a lot that I need to work on with figure drawing but I like to draw the eyes on a character. There are a lot of parts of figure drawing that I want to improve on, such as drawing the body and face. I also want to work on drawing the feet and hands. I have a lot of different areas that need improvement. Everyone is built different so I would like to be able to incorporate that into my work.

Because I am able to draw the eyes correctly and know where to position them on the face, I can use those measurements to decide where to put the mouth and ears. This will help me draw the face with the correct measurements. People have different eyes too, some people’s eyes are deeper inside their head and other’s have their eyes sticking out of their face a little. So there are many different ways that eyes are just like there are many different variations of the body and form.

In order to measure my improvement throughout the semester I will keep all of my work and letter the days so I can look back through my work and look at how I have improved. I can also use this to learn about how I can improve even more. I’ll look and notice techniques I can use that I haven’t been using and use them in future drawings.

One medium that I would really like to improve in is using graphite pencils. When drawing, I have a tendency to use a regular pencil, not graphite pencils. I would like to learn to use all the pencils correctly which would greatly improve my drawing in the future.

I admire that Statue of David. The form on that sculpture is very professional and inspires me to be able to make that kind of form in my drawing’s and sculpting. To me it means being able to animate the moving form correctly and looking at this statue really makes me want to be able to understand this kind of art to truly be able to animate it. Not necessarily animating the statue but being able to animate the form of a person.

One person that I really admire as an artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. I love his work style. One of my favorite works is the Mona Lisa, because looking at her painting you always feel like you are being watched. I want to be able to make this in my work, and create an illusion like he did. The painting is very professional, and to this day it’s still popular. I wish to be able to make something this popular when I am older.

While looking at images and researching shoes, I noticed that the feet are always arched. Depending on the shoe style, will depend on how much you’re foot will be arched or what angle you will be walking at. The heels on the shoe can be many different variations of thickness. Although I have learned that wearing high heels like that are bad for you’re feet so It is best not to wear them too often.


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