Design By Nature: Pg 105-134

necklace 1

The theme I wanted for this necklace, was to be locked away. The keys on the necklace represent the idea that the person is locked away, and represents that the keys are inside of the human being, meaning you have to work to open them up. The necklace was supposed to look classier looking, so I included pattern into it, with the chains and the keys. It is almost symmetrical. The reason why it looks pleasing is because pattern is included and simple, making it pleasing to the eye. According to the biologist and mathematician D’Arcy Thompson “The form of an object is a diagram of forces.” This quote is talking about pattern, and because of pattern, it helps my necklace flow by adding depth and enhancing it. There are many different kinds of patterns, and my necklace includes branching patterns and weaving patterns. Every spot on the necklace is straight foreword and simple, to give that elegant look.

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