Final Project: Money Mania

PES is an American Director and stop-motion animator of many short films and commercials. But it is also the name of a company. His name is Adam Pesapane, and he was born May 26th, in 1973. He received a B.A. in English literature at the University Of Virginia. One of the thing’s that PES is most popular for is his storytelling medium. He incorporates everyday objects and stop-motion animation to create material that is recognizable by others. An example of this use is “Western Spaghetti, which he is widely known for. His work has been recognized in the U.S. and internationally, especially for films like Roof Sex, KaBoom, and Game Over.  PES also directs TV commercials, and short films.

Western Spaghetti was released in July of 2008. It shows PES cooking spaghetti but all the ingredients in the dish are replaced with other objects, such as tomato pins cushions, rubber bands, post it note’s, and bubble wrap. Time Magazine named Western Spaghetti the #2 Internet film in it’s top Ten of Everything 2008. This film also was at the 2009 Sundance Film festival and the Audience Award at the Annency International Animated Film Festival in June 2009.

In March of 2012, PES released “Fresh Guacamole, which has objects such as grenades, a baseball, dice, Christmas bulbs, a miniature golf ball, and poker chips which was transformed into a dish of guacamole. In January of 2013, this film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. This film was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. This film premiered as a part of Showtime’s “Short Stories” series online and on TV. Showtime also showed Fresh Guacamole which earned 3.5 million hits in its first 4 days online. After Fresh Guacamole was nominated for An Academy Award, it was released in theaters by ShortsHD.

Pes had created a number of films, including both Feature Films and Short films. Two popular Feature Films created by them were Garbage Pail Kids and Lost & Found. There are numerous short films created by PES, some already mentioned were Fresh Guacamole, Western Spaghetti, Roof sex, and Kaboom. Some that haven’t been mentioned are The Deep, The Fireplace, Rogue Peanut, and Dogs of War, which was their first film. Along with creating these, PES also did a number of commercials, such as Scrabble, which they did for their 60th anniversary in 2008. Another commercial done by PES was a commercial for Blue Cross done in 2005. There was a series of Coinstar commercials that were done, all made in 2005 but were done to make different objects. One commercial made a gift, book, and another one used a series of coins, which is the one I am basing my animation off of.

I based my animation off PES’s animation Coinstar, and titled mine MoneyMania. I wanted to use the same method they used, by using a bunch of change. At the beginning of their animation they started out with a small amount of change and went around getting more change. I used this same technique, and slowly gathered up more and more change. Like PES’s animation, I showed the money moving through a series of places, and had it moving up the legs of the table to get to the top. Then I showed the money creating a smiley face with a series of different things happening to it.

My adaptation of PES’s technique was good, but there are thing’s I could improve on. The smoothness and quality of my animation at times was a little rough, and the lighting was sometimes messy. Unlike PES, who had their lighting constant the whole time.  Another thing I could have improved on was have more scenes, and less frames. This may have helped the process of what I was trying to recreate be more clear and smooth. Overall it was a good adaptation of their work, using the same materials PES uses and using mostly the same storyline, but switching it up a bit.

Ryzik, Melena. “Animation Basks in Oscar Spotlight.” Awards Season. NY Times, 30 Jan. 2013. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.

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